Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Cheating Wives: Do I know you from somewhere?

This story might scare some of you guys out there looking for a cheating women, but don't let it. This is a great thing, and unless they are cheating too - how else would they know? Look below:

I get this e-mail. A very long e-mail, so I will try to give you the Sparks Note version. This guy is walking through Giant Eagle, and he walks past a fine looking woman. He turns his head, she smiles, he smiles and keeps walking. He did not recognize her, but little did he know he was a cheating wife looking for the same thing he was. When he got home, he looked her up, and she was only 25 miles away in Pittsburgh suburb of Shady Side.

So he is in the produce section, and this woman looking for an affair takes her chances and walks up to him and ask him if he has ever been to a "dating" website. He puts his hand with his wedding band in his pocket, and says yes. She says that she is on the same website, and then shows off her wedding ring right in his face to prove that she is a cheating wife. She tells him that her place is free and is right in Pittsburgh.

They leave their groceries in the buggy, and walk out of the store. He follows her home, and they get straight to business because her fool of a husband will be home within an hour and a half. They do it on his bed, they do it on the kitchen counter, and they end it by doing it right up against the front door. He says that even though she was a cheating wife and well into her 30's, that was the tightest pussy he has ever fucked since he was a virgin (maybe he has a big dick).

He hurries out the door, and into his car, zips up and pulls off heading straight. Before he makes his turn at the stop sign down the street, he sees her husband pull up and get out of the car and walk inside.

Now they are talking regularly and are planning another meeting!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pittsburgh Cheating House Wife

So I got another email.. here is how it goes.

This guy was looking for some cheating housewives in Pittsburgh. He did not want a girl with a job, because that could get into too much hassle with planning. He wanted to get a cheating wife that could get away within a few days notice and they could both live out their fantasies, and that is exactly what they did.

So he finds yet another Pittsburgh cheating wife (there is a lot of them). We'll call her Stacy. He describes her as a 35 year old MILF with blonde hair, tight abs, and a tight pussy to match. They meet up at the Hard Rock Cafe to grab something to eat, then they make their way to the Hilton. He paid for the pricey room since he wanted to impress this cheating slut. After all she was having an affair and risking her marriage.

They live out their fantasty. It wasn't anything special or spectatular, it was to each just have sex with a stranger! This cheating houswife had lived her whole life in Pittsburgh, seen the same things, known the same people, and all she wanted was to have the cock of another guy and that is exactly what she got!

Another great Pittsburgh Cheating Wife email! Keep them coming.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Cheating Wife and A Dirty Teacher!

Pittsburgh public school system is decent. There are no major complaints, however I think these teachers are becoming more known for what they teach outside of the classroom.

I got this e-mail today, and I wanted to talk about it right away. This one will be a classic. This guy looking up girls in the area. He only has one problem: his wife works night turn and he works day turn. So he needs to find a girl who can meet somewhere between 4-10. Little did he know, it was his lucky day.

He told me he was on the site for a couple of months, getting to know some ladies, and then he meets this cheating wife who lives just outside of Pittsburgh. They talk for about two weeks, learn that she is a teacher and can only meet after school, and they setup a date at the Marriott.

He gets there around 4:30, and she is nowhere to be seen till about 5:15. He thought she was showing him up, but realized that she had detention duty that day. This cheating wife is dealing with all kind of bad boys, and in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of cheating women and bad boys!

They go up to their room, and she immediately takes control. What else would you expect from a teacher? What is also ironic, she teachers him new styles like Monkey Style and The Plumber. The sex was amazing he states. The best sex he had with any cheating woman he meant, and in Pittsburgh, good sex is not to find! But what would you expect? She is a cheating wife, so obviously if her husbands dick is not good enough then she is just better!

At the end of a letter there is a P.S.

"We have a date for next Tuesday as well"

Well isn't he a lucky duck!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pittsburgh: The Cheating Wife Capital

So I was walking past Wholey's. I smelled some fish, walked in.. and what do you know?
Not a woman in sight.

Okay, so that was a bad joke.

Onto Cheat Wives in Pittsburgh, City of Black and Gold!

So I recently got an email.. quite interesting.

We will called this Pittsburgh Cheating Wife Lori. It just sounds slutty!

The Steelers recently run the Super Bowl, and some people decided to use the parade to their advantage! This guy writes to me telling me that he was on this website, looking for cheating wives in the Pittsburgh area, and he meant someone about 30 miles north. So he arranges to meet her. She wants to meet in public, so he said the parade would be a great idea!

He goes on, tell me that they meet right at the end of the parade route by Blvd. of The Allies, and she is wear a short flared out skirt, appears to be in her late 20's, and definitely works in a woman's field of work. She decided to cheat on her husband because it was 2 weeks since she has sex. Now do you believe me when I said Pittsburgh is the Cheating Wife Capital? Only 2 weeks!

So what does this little slut do? She lifts up her skirts in the mob of people (around 350,000) and he pulls down the zipper to his slacks and fucks her right there in the middle of the crowd (on a very cold morning).

Soo, not only does this man get to watch the players go right past him, he also gets the time of his life with some cheating wife that he will never see again!

Keep the stories coming guys. If by chance that any of you other guys out there fucked a cheating wife in Pittsburgh during the parade, e-mail me. If her name was Lori, write me so I can change the fake name ASAP :-D

Have a good one! See you at Hard Rock!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Cheating Wives: The Doctor Will See You

Boy am I glad I started this site. I have got so many juicy stories about the cheating wives in Pittsburgh, I can't help but ready them all. This one is about a female doctor who has an office in Pittsburgh, but is also a cheating wife!

So, this guy writes to me and tells me that he meets this girl n that website I told you about. she is very well known though, so she can't meet in public. he arranged to this cheating wife. . . err, doctor, in her Pittsburgh office.

he walks in, waits, and then it is his turn. When he goes in, he is recoginized from his picture. The slut tells him to strip down, so he listens. He lays on the little bed, and she lifts up her skirt and hops on! They do it on the bed, on her desk, and even right on the floor.

He walks out of the cheating wives' office (oops I did it again) and back into the waiting room. On the way out he sees more males than females in the office.

With that being said, you can determine that if this cheating wife has a second job, and by second job I mean her being a Pittsburgh doctor.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for Cheating Wives in Pittsburgh?

Growing up in the Pittsburgh region, I guess you could of called me a pimp. I am far too old now to be fooling around with the girls though, but I do have what you could call a popular fan base. Every week it seems as if I get 35-50 emails about men in Pittsburgh having their way with cheating wives. They meet them throughout the city after talking on this website that "Pittsburghers" came to love called Sex On The Side. In my day, we had to do it the old fashion way which included going out and finding those cheating Pittsburgh wives in Wholeys or anywhere down in the Strip District. Now with a simple click of a mouse, men from Pittsburgh are finding these sluts called wives every day online. These cheating wives in Pittsburgh simply post their profile, and the cheating husband in Pittsburgh posts his and stumble upon one another.

I'm not too web savvy, so I decided to start a basic blog where I will share my stories. Of course I will change all of the names, that way when some of these wives' husbands come on looking for the same thing, they won't find out that their wife is the most popular cheating wife in Pittsburgh!